Slainte mhath!

Finally got the
all singing all dancing phone i wanted. The cam isn’t wonderful, but
the 512meg mp3 is! Oh yes indeedy! And thats what i wanted!

Today marks an
interesting day for the Uk, as 24hour pub opening is now allowed! I
have to say this is in my opinion a good thing! Many’s a time i’ve
worked nights and fancied a pint after work n been thwarted by the daft
laws in the uk. The government / police seem to think it’ll increase
binge drinking but i cant see it. If you dont have a time limit imposed
then there is no real point to throwing X amount of drinks down your
neck in a set period of time! People who want to go out n get drunk
will still do so, but surely if you have a longer time available,
people who have a set amount of money to go out with can stretch the
period of time which they would consume the corresponding amount of
beer. The initial impact may well increase a few drink related
incidents for a month or two, but i do find the timing a little
suspect, ie xmas period where anyone who knows the pub trade knows
there are far more people out over this time of year than normal, ergo
incidents of drunkeness increase anyway!

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