Nearly Xmas. Oh Joy, oh bliss!

Went up to
Crewe n Nantwich with Ju a couple of days back.Had a shufti about, took
in the tour of Nantwich and then had a wander up to the Cat! Was weird
being inside there after so many years. The areas where the dancefloors
were are gone!! The actuall surface area it takes up now is about a
third of how it used to be. I suppose only certain parts of the
building were original and thats how they’ve gotten around it

Having the
first few days just to let off steam abit, before attacking the idea of
moving n stuff. The temptation to go Rock World tonight is high! but i
cant be arsed with the travelling. I think my tolerence for beer has
died. I seem to either swell up or fill up before i get halfway through
what i usd to be able to throw down my neck.I suspect prices are linked
to this so that, as you get older you drink less, but you still spend
the same.

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