Bar Humbug? lol

Begining to
wonder if i’ve been driven mad by some inane prog called Recess! Been
out a couple of times to the local rockish pub to clear my head for the
next few weeks (quite what the logic is in that i dont know!) n am
still no closer to knowing whats next! Watching the people behind the
bar grunting n groaning as its busy makes me chuckle. I’d love to be
behind there, tis not the Cat, but its of that ilk, fast work and
rewarding at the end of the night knowing its been done well. I suppose
most of them to it for the money, me i’d do it for the enjoyment, the
banter and the music. Suppose i miss being a part of something. Even in
Platty Dive it was a decent atmosphere behind the bar.

Other than that
tis business as usuall. 3 more kittens crapping on the carpet. Tabby
turned up with a mouse for them t’other night! Just as long as she
doesnt bring back the hedgehog! Seems Wayne is having house probs in
NY. The flights id looked at have all gone, like shit off a shovel!
will probably head into Crewe some time after tuesday. Want to catch up
with Mike. Also me n Ju are supposed to be heading into Nantwich for a
nosey. Seems my tolerance for pints has dipped dramatically, and i also
feel rammy in the mornings even after 6, so getting plastered doesnt
seem to hold the same appeal. Mind, im not punctuating beer with
indian, so that might be a factor!

Ju’s been good.
Giving me some cash so i can go out n try n sort my "yed" out. I can
feel when im in one of my "cant be arsed with the world" moods, n
usually tis best if im out of the way, cos little things suddenly
become big, n i know i’ll snap! Suppose im due a blow out. I used to go
pop every 3 months without fail! Now its down to about once a year!
Probably the moon! Actually, now i’ve thought about it…. lol

Right, until next time… i’ll be back! lmao

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