Hmmm.. 4am and
to quote the song, cant get no sleep! Seems the local hedgehog has
given up on the idea of hibernating and is gonna use the catfood here
for sustenance over the winter. He’s looking at me through the window
as if to say "Your up late!".

Nothing new to
report really. Another Aberdeen shirt went begging, but it went for £89
so at least i know i wouldn’t have paid that much for it anyway!
Someones obviously madder than a mad thing! Finally finished Cowl by
Neil Asher. Not as good as The Skinner but was worth the initial fight
to get into it.

Christmas in 48
days. Oh Joy! Oh Bliss! Shouldnt be long til they ban it under
religeous incitement laws! Hmmm the hedgehog’s eyeing up one of the
kittens, with a gleem in his eye. I suspect he may given the chance,
whip out a can of starch, and create an UberHog by violating the laws
of nature! Perhaps he’s a poetic hog, and is just after a mews?? Ok so
that works better aloud! Thinking about it, you dont hear any poetry
about or indeed inspired by good old Queen Eliz! Is that cos shes not a
muse’d? *Groans*

Ok its late, and im rambling.

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