Rabbits n Hares ( a tad late)

Mmmm.. another
month done n dusted! Seems the fates conspire against me.. my cheque
has supposedly been dispatched from Zuric (26th oct) to my solicitors,
but has been lost in the post, or at least has failed to get there..
which in turn means cancelling the last one, and reissuing the new one.
A cynic would say they were holding out for the interest at the end of
the month. Anyway… looks like at least it will get here this month!
If nothing else a New Years drink will be afforded. lol

A rather more
annoying thing, my mate who ran the local agency where i could have
gotten work from, has upped n left! So.. thats the Crewe agency AND the
Wolves one with my contacts gone! Thats a bit of a bugger! Still not
sure what exactly’s gonna happen next once the moneys through, but i
suppose money talks. We’ll see.

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