Birthdays, Anniversarys, n Black Nights!

Hmmmm.. Mum n
Dads 1st wedding anniversary. No, they’ve not been married a year, but
twice! As you do. Or rather, did. With Dad dead there’s no second first
anniversary, let alone a second second. I suspect mothers chastity
might be questionable for the second marriage, what with the 5 kids n
all. Family’s huh? Who’d have em?!

Thinking of
familys, Jack was 3 yesterday. Seems a big party happened involving a
pool, some chicke, and  a curious cake. Doesnt seem 3 years ago
since i was at 20/20 and the news came through. Mind, technically it
isn’t, as it was November 1st i found out lol

Saw Blackmores
Night last night with Ju. Free passes again!! They are very much a
folky style group now, but Blackmores love of the elecy guitar cannot
be hidden, hense versions of Black Night, Soldier of Fortune, and Child
in Time (hoooray!). There were a couple of Rainbow tracks i think slung
in as well, not forgeting Streets of London, which was a nice suprise.
I enjoyed it more than Steve Vai, but we were at the back so Ju
couldn’t see much. Having seen Purple way back in 98 it was good to see
Blackmore do his stuff. I got the impression he likes what he’s doing
now, but it feels like a former engineer building stuff with Meccano
when he’s playing accoustic. When the volumes turned up he just seemed
more at one with the music, more like he was feeling what he was
playing emotionally. But hey, what do i know. I play abba on a


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