Random ramblings

Went n saw
Steve Vai last night with Ju! Free entry seemed reasonable, and he did
a 3 hour set, with 3 other chaps. No doubting the guy can play, and his
mates too! Ju really enjoyed it, i thought it was good, but a tad
laboured at the end. He himself seemed to be having fun, and the
interplay between them as a group was fun. Amazingly, no bottled drinks
were allowed, they had to be poured into plastic cups, same as pints..
so had nothing to drink while there.

Had a
bit of a chat with Glenda but she was working n seemed very distant,
presumably cos of work. Shells insides are cabbaged after a close
encounter of the 125 kind. School hols now so i guess shes got a week
to get better.

Still no
cheque… solicitors left an answering machine message to em, which
seemed odd, but hey, tis a start. Only 2 weeks later than expected

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