Sunny Sunday

Well.. still
not fully fit, and in theory am still in the time range for mumps to
really start attacking me, but i cant see it myself. My immune system,
besides the old chicken pox thing, seems to be super all conquoring,
and eats dodgy virii for breaky. Tis 9 years since i had a recognised
illness, so not doing too bad. Well, cept tonsilitus.. but thats a
permanent fixture lol

Still no
cheque. If i want to get my visit to Wayne sorted it looks as if i
could be going in the c c c cold! Wonder if i could have a bash in a
firing range while there.. lol Was a dead aim with a rifle, never shot
a pistol though. Be interesting.. another thing i could say i’ve done.

cabbaged their world cup chances. Only lil bit of entertainment was mR
Bunkum gettin sent off for the english! No doubt it’ll be Rooneys turn
on wednesday..

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