Still with us

Well… seem to be recovering from whatever it was which put me on the
deck. My head still feels funny, and my throats a little offish, but
then, my throat is always a little offish.Wouldnt trust myself to go
down town yet, even though i know… things would be great when im down
town, ahem, but i reckon i could get to the local shop, which now i
think credits me as an honorary local!

Interestingly, Ju says that after i put my head down it was only a
matter of seconds before i came back out of it and recovered, yet i
know that in my mind where-ever i was i was gone for a lot longer.
Certainly i remember conversations happening, and similar, so time
would appear to be operating differently on what ever conscious plane i
was on. Makes for an interesting concept, and could generate some
interesting questions as to the nature of time.

Anyway.. only the good die young.. so i aint goin anywhere just yet! lol


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