Dodgy Ali

Well… kinda
semi passed out today. Very wierd. Sat here n suddenly felt weird…
turned away from the screen n put head in between my knees n just kinda
vanished for a few seconds. Was really odd. In my head i was in a
corridor or somewhere, and was doing something for someone… i
remember that i’d just completed what it was i was doing, but cant
remember what it was… then snapped out of it and came back to the
real world to find Ju kneeling in front of me, towit i said… "ah,
there you are", and then took myself to the floor where i lay in
recovery position for a few mins to get myself together. Lots of
sweating palms n similar, combined with a decent dose of the shakes!
Body was in shock about something, but not sure what as yet. Had a
drink of water but it must have been a good 10 mins before i felt
strong enough to stand and nip the loo.

The afore
mentioned Shell has mumps, and it would seem i was with her in Crewe
when it was just getting ready to lay into her, so tis possible i have
picked it up from her. I was in convo on msn with her when this
happened, and coincidentally. and indeed unbeknown to me at the time,
she’d left the computer cos she felt wierd, room spinnin n ended up in
a mess in her bathroom. its supposed to take 12-24 days to appear, but
has only been 8 so i cant see it as being that… but im kinda waiting
and psychosymatically projecting achey balls on myself lol! (my blog…
so it aint too much info! lol)  My throats always dodgy so its not
really a help!

So.. early
night… and rest me thinks. Have eaten, drank as normal, but still
feel suspect, bit like i’ve have a knock on the head. Felt similar to
concussion and also when i passed out once years ago at school. I know
when i wasnt aware of being here… that where-ever i was, i was
capable of thought, decisions and cognative behaviour, so thats

Ah well, could be worse, could be squirrels…!


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