Choo Choo!!

Ah well.. another trip to Crewe beckons. All good fun. I should get a
frequent traveller pass to there. Think i know the scenery off by heart
on the line heading up n down. Wonder how long it’ll be before the
solicitor is bck in touch. They said a couple of weeks… tis a week

Jacks birthday is approaching, and the temptation to get on the plane
is high if the cash gets here beforehand.. but of course thats just way
too impetuous a think to do. Wouldnt be sensible. I have to put my
house in order first, so to speak.

Tabbys preggy AGAIN and looked as if Butters might be too, but i doubt
that cos the last set of kittens are still attempting to suckle. Think
theres been kittens in the house full time for the last 7 months, and
if tabby wanders back that will make a round 10 months! Mind.. theres a
fur ball here thats cuter than a cute thing! Which is pretty cute!

Oooh Bot Back! lol

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