Well, since the
end of my dad dying saga this blogs hits seem to have plummeted. Only
56 hits this week compared to 200 a day before. Seems theres some
morbid people about lol.

Crewe visit was
a reasonable success, just a case of waiting now… so nothing new
there then. Currently completely broke n missed not having a pint or 2
last night. Still, will change soon. Gonna do a few weeks work and gain
some capital and some stability, then debate the next course of action.
I want nights… i know i can save working nights. I dont need much to
survive and have a mental target as to whats realistic for me to still
have to start next year with. Of course.. if i see flights to oz for
£400quid… then that might change.. but its a case of wait and see.
Priority is as ever, bank account and address. Once i have one,the
other should appear easilly enough. I hope! lol


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