Something I wrote a while back cropped up t’other day so thought i’d bang it on here as a resource for myself. Was written way back in February… and is here in it’s entirety :
What a curious expression i heard last night : Pain doesnt decompose no matter how deep you bury it. 
I liked that. It has an edge! I guess its dependent on our tolerance as to how much pain affects us. Emotional pain is what we allow ourselves to feel. This means once we establish that it is cognitive choice, we can attribute blame for the pain we feel to ourselves (and indeed limit it). This in turn means if we cant handle the pain we feel, then its our own fault for allowing it in the first place (thus the self destruct cycle of depression kicks in). It seems to be an innate urge within the human race to manage to either manipulate things so that they can blame themselves for their worlds wrongs, or blame someone else. Attribution of blame seems to make things more tolerable, be it on a conscious or unconscious level. The idea of “these things happen” is not one readily accepted. Emotional pain can be cognitively controlled, removed, dismissed and/or rendered ineffectual with the correct attitude. Once this is known, and the ability mastered, then you don’t have to bury pain at all, for something without substance doesn’t need to decompose!

I like the logic there. I added the italics so as to aid understanding due to this being part ofa bigger text and slightly lacking in context as an individual piece.


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