Wither then?.. I cannot say.

Finally got
some stuff from Hamish, but of course it would appear that mother has
gone out of her way to destroy the things which i held dearest. Almost
all my vinyl is cabbaged, 90% of  my cd’s are missing, and all of
the tops and clothes which i was hoping to retrieve were not there. To
top this off, the speakers to my hifi sat in Hamishs garage symbolicly,
as if to rub in the fact that the hifi itself had not survived, nor the
turntable. The clothes which were passed on from Su to mother were also
not there, so the scotland shirt which was the main thing i wanted,
appears to be forever lost.

What i did
manage to collect i suppose made the trip worth while. Loads of photos
of Jack as a baby, and one infamous combi pic….the set of 4 glasses
which i picked up from various places in oz, my old  beaten
leather jacket, two pairs of DMs (no not dangermouse’s!!), a couple of
videos, my pool medal, and a bunch of judo belts that held sentimental

Listening to an
old Magnum cd which i’ve not heard in close to 4 years, with long hair,
leather jacket, and DM’s floating, just like old times, theres a
strange feeling in my stomach. So much has happened since leaving the
Kings Arms. Sifting through the stuff at Hamishes it seems that almost
everything i had is either lost or here. Give or take a couple of
hundred books lol. Maybe the Crewe chapter of my life is finally
closing for good. Which begs the question… whats next?

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