Genocide’s in the wind.

Classic. Not
content with shooting everyone they can in countries the’ve invaded, be
they reporters, civilians, occassional insurgents, or the odd one or 3
coalition troops, now that a hurricane has hit town the troops have
been called in at home. The BBC reports "
troops, armed with a shoot-to-kill policy, are being sent to New
Orleans to quell growing lawlessness, four days after Hurricane Katrina
Its nice to see they’re consistant in their approach to things. For the full article click HERE.

a more personal note, had a message from Tony telling me he’s sorry he
didnt see me for dads funeral, but he couldnt face it, but here’s a
list of the things i can choose from on his wedding do menu. Maybe I’m
over-reacting, but i wasnt best pleased. Ah well, such is life.

brum to try n get an Mp3 player n was thwarted again. Another letter
from solicitors saying Wetherspoons guys haven’t responded to their
last letter. Suprise suprise. Good things come to those that wait.. i
hope! lol


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