Goodbye moto

Well it appers
the motorola v220 doesnt come with compatable software for the gprs wap
connection with o2, so it looks like im on the hunt for another new
phone tomoz. Shame really as i liked this one, was cheap cheerful, took
a good pic, and had my choice of tones. Do i get another cam phone or
sod it off n get something else. Msn on gprs should cost pretty much
nothing to operate so thats really all i need. Seems a tad crazy that a
phone being sold as an o2 phone wont run o2 software. Still, i may go
for something a tad more extravagent now.

Davids back
from the caravan, having turned 13 there. Must be nearly new term time.
Can’t remember my 13th birthday. Only one i remember as a kid was my
11th, which was mums 50th, and we went to Su’s for tea with John n
Clarissa, and their were 2 cakes, niether of which i liked lol. Amazing
what sticks in your head. Well… my head.

Everyones out for a bit.. so its music time! Way hey!

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