There are
always a few words which seem to emerge which really get on my nerves.
Not so long ago it was "muppet" as an insult… it just didnt work, and
it annoyed me more that the people using it didn’t seem to realise they
were making themselves look dumb just by saying it themselves. Now
comes "Chav", which seems to have absolutely no relevence to what it is
it’s describing. And, to top it off, Crewe is now "offically" its uk

Crewe’s a hole!
Thats all there is to it. People at the rough end grow up and either
become hardend by the experience, or get bullied for the rest of their
lives due to the inferiority complex they end up with. People in the
reasonable parts take comfort that they are not in the rough end, and
know where the boundries are as to where not to stray past if they are
going to look/be recognised as vulnerable.

And thats it.
People have always worn "tracky bottoms" and "plain white trainers"
there. Its not some new emerging thing. The only thing new is the word,
and its a pointless one. The normal reaction where i was brought up in
the town to being called anything apart from your correct name was to
expect to be punched in the face. I expect calling someone a chav on
Timbrel Ave would still evoke the same response. I supppose its just
another derogatory term which encourages differentiation between
cultures and styles so as to seperate one "set" of people, from
another. I believe there’s a word for that.

If you happened
to do the same to say, a certain religious group, or an ethnic
minority, or african/indian decent perhaps, you’d be arrested. Cultures
come about from the environment we grow up in. If we wish to change how
our kids grow up, we need to change their environment now. Not label
people with stupid new words which only serve to cause more tension.


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