Nothing new and
exciting to add really. Have new trainers which im pleased with. 4 cats
have left the building, which has to be a good thing. Still no mp3
player cos i’m a picky bugger n want one which i know i wont be miffed
about buying in 4 months time. Theres a euphonium which i could
afford… 4 valves… tempting. The dulcet tones of Super Trooper
echoing through the dtreets of wolves. Eyed up a CB too.

Hamish was a no
show on Monday, so still no old shirts back. Don’t know when my new
scotland shirt will find it’s way here cos Paula’s kopped a strop with
me. Miffed that a pair of DM’s were a size too small cos they would
have been ideal work / going out dress shoe type thingys. Suitable for
suits and clubs i guess is what i mean.  No compo news either.
Feel like getting on a train for a few days alone somewhere, but its
not practical. I should buy stuff i’ll keep with the money from dad,
hense i’m pleased with the phone. Had a couple of odd moments
considering that I was the only one of dads kids he’d never seen
married, never met his grandsons mother etc etc, but then dismissed it
as something that i have had no control over.

Pleased with
myself from playing pool t’other day. Felt like i could start to hold
my own again, although still not close to how i used to be. 
Wonder if the card Jo gave me in Crewe is still about when  i beat
a certain Mr Brewer. Hope so.

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