When your calling meee eeee ee!

"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a
fool". lol… Hmmm! Not sure about that one. This Shakespeare dude was
over-rated heheh!

Ok, so, we have no front wall, cos some woman reveresed her car right
through it, (missing the main gas inlet by inches), but i do have a
snazzy phone lol Also have a tee shirt hopefully on the way which i’ve
been after for ages, although it appears i may have gotten the Paula
into grief cos i kept her out too long waffling n sorting ebay fingies.
Very strange malarkey that was. Seems people forget shes not an 8 year
old. At her age i’d moved 256 miles south of parents and was dodging
scarey men in pubs who would offer me somewhere to sit in what seemed a
genuine manner, only to discover a chair was not what they had in mind!!

Actually i’m pretty damn chuffed with the phone. Breaking the Law as an
mp3 ringtone.. fantastic! Photo of Jack as a wallpaper, and ability to
get mms’s from Glenda when a pc aint available.. even better! Need to
set it up so the net is accessable, and then alls hunky dory.

Appears mother HAS binned my hifi! Not happy about that at all.£350
stereo!! It was the first thing i bought when i moved to Bright Street,
and im not impressed at all. So now if i get my music back, i have
nothing to play it on.

And.. if this blog refuses to post AGAIN… im gonna…. grrrrrr

And… for those who are
thinking… "hang on, the wiseman thing is actually a good thing, and
he’s not got it…." ummm… i have got it, i’m just being ironic, and
perhaps now with this footnote, just a touch condecending


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