Well, good to see the English footy team got a dose of reality. What
this bizarre idea that they can win the world cup is all about is
beyond me. They are an ok team, which play ok at times, but generally
are just mediocre. The crazy expectations only serve to triple the hurt
felt when they loose. A little bit of realism goes a long way. Scotland
drew, a game they should have won, but we are happy with the draw, as
our expectations are far less than the english.

Speaking of expectations, Chris had his first year a level results
through… E’s n U’s r’us! He’s claiming the IT Teacher isnt qualified
to teach, and that he’s happy with his results, cos he’s top of his
class???? Crazy. Mind, the GCSE results were the same. Either something
is very wrong with the school, or he’s just deluding himself.
Personally i would have been up the school asking what the hell is
going on. This is the lads future, and he’s claiming the school say
these results are acceptable? He doesnt help himself though. His
attitude sucks. I know, I know, not my problem. Its annoying though,
and a waste, and also if this is the schools attitude, then David, the
younger lad, should be taken out of there quicker than you can say "New
Ties Please".

Me.. I’m jolly. Doesn’t seem possible tis 3 weeks since Dad died. Have
been instructed by mother to contact Hamish so he can tell her "get
Al’s money" when we have arranged a date for me to be in Crewe, so she
can give it to him to give to me. Very Laurel n Hardyesk. Hamish hasnt
responded to 2 emails, nor 3 phonecalls, so its looking like i may have
to find another route. No futher connection with any other family
members, so me getting "the same as the others" is as yet meaningless,
as the others remain nameless! Have so far refrained from asking Iain
why, if he was asked by Hamish to let me know about Dads death, he
instead went to sleep and left a copper to tell me, and me to tell his
wife, and therefore made his wife think that she was going to have to
break the news to him.

Thinking about passing my driving test if and when this cash comes
through. Mind… im thinking about an MP3 player n a dell pc too, and a
trip to see Scotland play Italy.. so no doubt i’ll be thwarted by the
fact the cash sum is only gonna turn out to be £100! "Bugger" would
seem to be the correct exclamation in that occurrence! Mind.. it’d get
me a good bottle of Talisker!

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