Slowly, the truth commeth..

Cor… whats up with the mainstream media these days. Firstly the Times
goes with a story about how 9/11 couldn’t have happened how the
"official story" says it did, complete with a few of the
inconsistancies (albeit they didnt publish this story on their
internets site, so instead it is reproduced
HERE ), and now both ITN HERE and the Observer HERE 
are telling us about the brasillian chap who was shot in the head on
Londons tube system, in terms which kinda suggest that the time for
making excuses is well and truely gone, and perhaps it is about time
that we were told a little more about the real reasons why this guy was

Was amused to watch a program t’other night based in America which
dealt with the political agenda’s which certain news channels carry,
and how someone invented a device to block a specific news channel. The
program was fictional, but the concept amused me, as although i can
understand an annoyance at having an agenda forwarded by a channel
purporing to be a news channel, i see the idea of censoring said
channel just as bad. In actuallity, what should happen is that the
channels alligiancies should be displayed firstly, so that then people
can make an informed decision as to whether they wish to watch it. The
example given was the Kerry / Bush election where depending on which
channel you watched.. the leader differed.

Almost everything these days is done with a motive for making people
think what it is the writer/speaker wants them to think. Its a form of
manipulation, and something i was taught about in telesales. The power
of suggestion is, i’m sure you’ll agree, an effective weapon, which if
used in a way where the reader / listener is unaware of the techniques,
can be used to alter perceptions, (super)impose decisions and generally
alter the whole way in which a person would behave. Psychology and an
understanding of human nature are used daily for these ends, to
generate a positive or negative response to something. Carefully chosen
words to elicit a reaction while at the same time leaving the
controlled person with a feeling that they arrived at their decision

Ok.. i’m rambling!

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