Attack of the Clones

Read in the
news a few days ago about how they had cloned a dog. I got to thinking
about how the world works, and began to wonder.. what if, like
expected, human cloning is already reasonably advanced.

To be able to
copy such things offers almost limitless opportunity for corruption.
Imagine the detective, who has a DNA sample of a guy he wants to put
away, but has no evidence against him… so decides from that sample of
DNA, to clone it, and then place the DNA at the scene of a crime.

How does a
person defend themselves against such a thing? In theory, people couple
be set up years and years in advance, as a cover for some covert
operation. Suddenly the individual who is being set up, is placeable
anywhere where they are needed to have been, to commit X amounts of
unspeakable acts, while being rendered almost automatically guilty as
the DNA could have only have been at the location if the individual in
question had been there.

In theory,
everyone who has given a DNA sample would be open to this, and in
reality they wouldn’t even need to have give a sample… just a few
hairs swiped from the person whos going to be stitched up, and Y months
later, a nice little DNA copy lies nestling in the hands of the
meglomaniac / dodgy law enforcer.

There’s gotta be a film storyline in there somewhere..

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