The Weekend starts here

Well.. tis another Saturday day alone again and all’s well. Had bath at
somethin silly oclock this morning n spent the next hour playing
solitaire as i dried off, safe in the knowledge that  no-one was gonna
wander thru n see my bum cheeks! lol

Even as i type i’m sat singing like some demented kareoke man to tunes
so diverse i cannot begin to catagorise them. Chris de Burgh never
sounded this good hehehe.. curiously Kate Bush follows but ends up
sounding strangely similar through Ali’s rip roaring rendition!

But, its not just music n cards. Oh no. Upon my lap sit 3 kiitens of
questionable parentage, including a cutey softy bitey longhair tabby
which appears to be the very spawn of satan. An unabated assault on my
shirt has ensued since it clambered up my leg, as though its mission in
life is to place as many pulls in a single area as possible. Perhaps it
was a mole in a former life, and is trying to burrow?? Who knows.

Sent a delightful communiqué to mother with respect to the comments
made about Dad and money, as niether Anne Hamish or Su were able to
shed light on the matter. That should be recieved with gay abandon no
doubt! Perhaps not using a name on the envelope may be construed as
being naughty, but as her names gone from Chase to Wiseman in the last
couple of months i currently dont know which shes decided to use, and
having been there when she binned everything which arrived with the
name Wiseman on it, I thought it pertinent avoid the problem

Ok.. football time!


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