Rat ta-tat ter-tat

lol… Being a
fan of dodgy ads and penguins, i was pleased to find the whole of the
ad for switch maestro Chanson D’Amour floating about. Classic! The ad
can be found
HERE which is nice! Strangely i swiped a pic of one of the penguins, n saved it under the name BOT, although i cant think why hehehe

3 thoughts on “Rat ta-tat ter-tat

  1. Faery

    ahem …..harumph ahem ……. ber ber ber ……. rat….ta tat…..ta tat ……… *raises an eyebrow* n dissolves ……

  2. Chris

    yeah, i remember my sister seeing that advert for the first time, the look on her face seemed like her innocence had just been stolen and that she had just been mentally ravaged….. it…… was…… HILLARIOUS!


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