Well, tis done and dusted. Sat in church at the back on my own. Then
got a lift to the graveyard from Traceys mother, where apart from
mother, i was the only person as far as i’m aware to scatter any earth
onto the coffin, which was wierd.

Was asked to go to the do afterwards
and  sat chatting to a few people from the family which i didnt
know. Then mother decided to come across and speak.

After having calmly and clearly stating that i had no wish to speak
with her, I decided it was best that I took my leave, and alone went
straight back to the train station and was back in wolves for 4.30pm.

I guess it was better this way. I did what I had to do and then left
them all to it. And I did it alone. So thats it. Done and dusted.


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