New Season

Cor.. Crewe Won!

Sat n watched LA Story on my own and chuckled at a few lines again…
"Let your mind go and your body will follow"… and "I think i was a
set of bagpipes in a former life".

Had an ouch moment too, where they played Amazing Grace on bagpipes.
Kinda smarted for a minute. Think the whisky played its part too.
Anyone would think underneath this hard harsh exteria there was a big
softy. Cant have that!

Funny really. Theres not that many films which i alwys enjoy time and
again, but thats one of them. I remember the first time i saw it, in
Maidstone, with Iain, before Andrew had tried to feed me stuff i didnt
like. Since then i’ve seen it 20 billion times and again. Another is Dead Poets
Society. Carpe Dium… Seize the day! For some strange reason i see
both films as uplifting. Inspirational. Weird sometimes how strength
comes from where you least expect it. Mind… I can live with that. I
like suprises, and as long as suprises like me… we’ll get on just
fine. lol

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