Well… had the
chance to go up and grab my stuff from hamishes but he failed to
respond to my emails. A sceptic would begin to wonder if the stuff is
actually there at all. 3 times now I’ve had the chance, and for one
reason or another its not happened.

Su’s been to see the coffin in Crewe. Dont realy see the point myself
but people have to do what they have to do. Might as well go look at a
branch in a wheat field. All your getting is a bit of wood and husk or
two.  Seems  a bit odd that apparently no-one has been down
to give the old chap some clothes. He always liked looking in the
mirror and was proud  of how he looked, but going shirtless after
your dead? Thats going a bit overboard. (Perhaps, may i venture, with a
capital O??)

Tone aint working so thats something. Should at least have a whisky
with him over the course of monday. Dont know how he’ll be. We’ve still
got a set between us, n niether of us speak to the remainder.
Considering putting my head round his dads to say something. Mikes also
gonna be back from hols, so thats not so bad either. Hope he aint
workin in the evening.

Shell asked, am i sure i’ll be ok going on my own? I think the honest
answer is No, but im gonna do it anyway, unless Tony says he’s coming.
I suppose i need a little bit of closure. Then its done. Dealt with.
Another piece of life consigned to the past. If i go on my own, im not
relying on anyone ‘cept me. I suppose thats how i’ve come to like life.
That way the only person who can let me down is me. I trust me with the
responsibility to look after me. Reckon i’m the only one qualified. I
have to see my solicitor whilst there too, and so in ending one thing,
im also helping build for a new chapter on the horizon.

Been really listless over the last few days. Solitaire geting hammered. Sat browsing forums being bored and came across THIS SITE
which made me chuckle. An English to American English translation with
some humour added. Oddly enough the first entry i came across was
Haggis, which is why i direct you to the same place! Enjoy

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