Loadsa Visitors

LoL… over 150 hits today alone. Seems the saga of the Wiseman is
becoming something of an attraction. Actually this blog was seriously
threatened yesterday as i was viciously assulted with a power ball!
lol. You know who you are!! *wails n sobs* A lesser man would have been
laid out, but no, carrying my injury bravely i battled through the pain
barrier to make sure the next exciting installment was delivered here.

Nice to have a bit of a chuckle here! Anyone would think to read the
last few days everything was all doom n gloom. Tisn’t really.

More on the compo claim, they sem to think they can get a few hundred
more, so its wait a while longer time. Mikes getting a tan of n away on
hols. Oh, and its sounding like my wonderful orange scotland rugby
shirt is still about. Need to get my stuff from Hams but dont know what
i can carry. Hope my shots glasses from oz are there. Dont really know
if mother would have even thought about em.

Here’s me trying to keep a stiff upper lip through all this, n instead
i end up with a fat one! hehe! As i believe i’ve said before… "It’s
all your fault" lol.


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