My Mona Lisa Smile

Re Sis comment! lol.. i have to sit and chuckle. I understand the need
to cover your butt, but lets just whip out the bits i feel are really
relevent to me on your post, as this IS my blog.

    "…the ticket was available and BOTH parents knew about that much. "
The financial implications to you we were not aware of" (my italics)

Ok.. thats about it. lol If the ticket was bought in the Feb for a
march flight, i would have assumed that at least some of the cash would
be able to be retrieved. Who you did it for, be it me, mum, or
yourselves is your affair. I mearly would have been the greatfull
recipient, and the knock on effect would have benefited Glenda and Jack
to the tune of nigh on $6000au.

Im not going to use this space as a place to slate people. But, what i
am doing, is making sure that people who pass through here see what I
think, how i feel, and the reasoning behind it. No-one comes to me and
says "Why did this happen with you". Ever! I’m a little like a
character in a soap which you haven’t seen. You can see what the
commentators say, read what the papers say, and hear what people are
talking about, but you never saw the show, so cannot judge for
yourself, and the character is obviously not a person you can interact

Hang on… there’s the difference. I
interactable with! People just choose not to. Why is that, i wonder? Am
i unapproachable? Only to those who dont want to ask the questions, for
fear of the answers. For example, now "sis" is "aware of the financial
implications", and the circumstances which led to my last Oz trip.
Suddenly things are much clearer, just through the medium of a little

Seems im not the one painting pictures so much as the subject of the
art. Must be scarey when the painting gains a voice though. Cos those
thousand words a painting contains… suddenly have a means to
elucidate! With great alacrity too, i might add!


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