Really mad now

Twice today i’ve typed out long blogs, n twice they’ve not managed to get posted. Not a happy sodding bunny!

Anyway. cant be bothered to type it out again.. but, i will make sure i
sling in a big thank you to both Julia n Paula, who have both listened
to me sound off about parents, family, the new crap thats come out
about me going to Oz,  n anythin else which happened across my
mind. im not always the easiest person to be around but you’ve both
gone out of your way to offer support, or be an ear. It will be
remembered. Aside from Su, you’ve outdone my family hundredfold. Still,
you CAN choose your friends.. seems by my choices I may well merit the
name Wiseman after

Dads funeral is on thursday. Hamish mailed me. First contact with him
since dad died. Not heard anything from anyone else cept Su, oh and two
2 line msn convos with Iain. Dunno if he’s pissed at me telling Denise
before he did about dad. May just be his way of dealing. Good to see
nothings changed familywise. Dad always wanted everyone to love each
other… nice to see we’re all doing him proud!

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