Mind Games

Ok… things just get better and better.

I had a phone call today, from a private number, from Mother. The transcript of which was as follows.

    Mum : Hello, is that Steve?

    Alistair : No… You know it isnt, Mother

    Mum : Umm… oh i err.. must have the wrong number.

    Alistair : Yes Mother. I believe your probably right.

So, the point
of that was? Cos Alistair and Steve would be mightily close together in
a mobile phones phone book wouldnt they. And of course, in the book she
keeps all the phone numbers in, as i dont know any Steve Wiseman’s but
i DO know where my number is written in it, i find it massively
unlikely that a mystery Steve might have been inserted somewhere there,
as the page was already full.

The point is,
of course, to try and get into my head in some bizzare way. Presumably
i’m supposed to react. UnFuckinLucky! (Thats an example of a "Tmesis"
by the way!) I don’t know as to whether i was expected to go ballistic
on the phone to her, n thus be told to stay away from the funeral,
which i would have duely ignored, or whether i was expected to have
entered into dialogue with her which ended in me being hunky dory with
her. Instead, i was civil, concise, measured, and very obviously aware
that i was supposed to react in some way.

So… now i
shall partake of a bath, whilst listening to such music as Disturbed’s
Down with the Sickness for a gentle singalong with delicate lyrics.
Having had a hot indian last night, i may well get a free spa thown in!

One thought on “Mind Games

  1. Unknown

    For the record: – The funeral date is still a moveable feast. The Coroner\’s Officer says the funeral director is Oxley\’s of Crewe. The Borough Web site is not yet showing anything. Their URL is:http://www.crewe-nantwich.gov.uk/main.asp?page=753The tale is that the church is fully booked but I can not vouch for the validity of this information and suggest you refer to the above URL.


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