Re : Frills Comment

No need to
apologise. I dont ask to be spoken to in a softly softly way. Tis the
information im interested in. I too, was told he’d not make his
birthday, and was then told he had months, so mentally the shock of
Iain telling me he had hours was kinda hard to take, but i’d rather be
told straight than pussy footed around.

With the
addition of pnemonia i suppose it would be better for all if he went in
his sleep tonight. This page has had 111 views today alone so he’s in a
fair few people thoughts and minds. Raised a glass of whisky earlier to
him. Guess we all have our way of dealing with things. I tried to be in
Scotland when Jack was born, simply because i couldnt be in Oz for it,
seems reasonable i should make my peace with a "wee dram".

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