Dad update

To the person who asked in a comment, is he dead, as far as im aware
the answer is no. Last i heard he is unconscious, and is at Mums, which
i assume is the new marital home? From what i’ve gathered about the
condition it would seem its best he is unconscious as then he doesnt
feel anything. I will post on here as soon as i know more, as i am
aware that communication through the family is kinda not wonderful. Tis
impersonal i know, but i can only post as n when Iain tells me, which
in turn comes from Hamish i think. I’m not aware as to when his
condition went down hill, but obviously others are as Andrew was there
with dad at least early yesterday, unless it was just coincidental.

One thought on “Dad update

  1. Unknown

    Woke up breifly about 3 times…. on morphine and sedated. Very afraid. All but 10 mins un-co of last day and half. 6 hourly patches. Has pneumonia too. Sorry there are no frills but how the heck do you frill a description of a dying man? Told will be lucky to make it through the night but was also told a while a go would be lucky to make b\’day.


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