Terrorism reinvented

Well… seems like its a big old case of double standards going on in
the Uk. A war on terrorism. Indescriminate killing by people with no
reguard for human life. No questions asked, just death delt out. And
thats just the local law enforcement! At least in Crewe the cops beat
you up rather than shot you.

Anyone not up to scratch on this, here’s the deal. The Uk plods have
been given orders to shoot to kill anyone suspicious who may be a
terrorist. Cos they come with labels n arrows on their backs. After the
london bombs, which in my humble opinion have been blown way out of
proportion, anyone who isnt lilly white, and is carrying a bag, is
under suspicion. The expression "extreemist islamic/muslim terrorists"
is being hammered into our heads, but…. oddly, "British terrorists",
which its turned out fits the description of the four guys from the
tube n bus bombs, is strangely kept quiet. Anyway…. a few days ago, 3
plain clothes cops chased down a chap of "none white appearence", and
accordning to eyewitnesses, pushed him to the ground as he tripped,
then 2 held him down while the remaining cop shot him. 5 times. In the
head. For an early report into this click HERE

Turns out this chap is a brazillian electrician, with no connection
whatsoever to any of the events in London. For the news on this, click HERE.
Chances are he saw 3 blokes with guns (no uniforms remember) charging
towards him, and did what most of us would do…. ran!

I wonder if anyone will be prosecuted for murder. Manslaughter even? I
suppose the features of a brasillian could be construed as similar to
that of middle eastern… ie.. he aint fully white lol. And he ran from
guys waving guns. So they shot him. Cos they believed it was the right
thing to do. They believed it was the right thing to do, and  an
innocent person was killed because of it. I’m pretty sure a suicide
bomber would argue that exact same point, just before going Bang!

Put simply, if the plods hadnt had guns, the guy would be alive. I know
there are sets of circumstances where sometimes firearms are needed. I
know 2 coppers personally who’ve had firearms. But.. the fact remains,
in a country which swears that terrorism wont alter our way of life, an
altered way of life has occured, and its knock on effect has been a
guys life has been snuffed out, and now a different form of terror for
those of none white races which travel through our cities is afoot.

recent songs lyrics proclaimed "Fear is a weapon of mass desruction"…
and at this point in time if I were in London and of asian/none white appearence and/or had limited English
language skills, i know who i’d be more scared of out of bombers and


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