Beam Me Up

n McCoy have both gone to the big star ship in the sky. Wonder what
Kirk’s thinking. Boston Legal doesnt seem to be slowing him down, nor
the very dodgy ads for cereals here.

Slept like a
log last night.. no idea why. First time i’ve really slept well for a
decent period in ages. No word from Iain who i think has now headed off
to Andrews. I wonder if Andy will only speak french while he’s there,
or if Lois will ask Andy if they are recieving guests when he phones to
let ’em know hes planning on comming over.

Have enjoyed a couple of games of Sudoku floating around online. Need
to get my average time down to under 10 mins. Nice to exercise my brain
for a few mins a day lol. 3 footy games on through the afternoon doesnt
get the grey matter going. I’ve neglected Paula’s flute, so should put
in some play on that tomoz. If i can sort b flat n f sharp i reckon i
can transpose most things into G or F n play em. Then all i need is a
new tongue! lol


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