Quiet Day

Nothing to report squire! Watched a film in the eve, n was bored in the
afto. Should have really finished my book but was in a "Cant be
bov-verd" mood!

Nothing from Iain, so i guess im not gonna be seeing him. Dads birthday
today, so he’s beaten the original prognosis. Kinda wierd. Was ready
for it n now its a case of just sitting and waiting again. 4 different
progs i’ve seen have commented on pancreatic cancer, even including a
bloody prog about Crocs!! Im sure it was never mentioned this much

I’d told Tony i’d see him sometime around this week for the funeral.
Think dad’s now Tonys mums age when she died. I wonder if this will
spark him to go see his old man.

Eyes ache. Bed time me thinks!


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