Woken up at a delightfully early time. Must have lay awkwardly as my
left arm was "dead as some dodo’s"and i had to carry it with my right
to get down the stairs. Nothing like pins n needles in the morning to
start the day with an AAARRG!

Caught a live performance of Fake Plastic Trees on the tv. Whay Mr Woss
was doing having WadioHead on his show i dunno. Not the normal choice
of band. Only caught it cos it was ending just before Scrubs kicked in.
Having seen Bat outta Hell, Will You, and Smoke on the Water live by
the original artists i think thats the next song i’d like to hear
played at a concert. On my much neglected web wap page here
i have a list of favourite music. For stupid reasons o2 seem to want to
censor certain parts of certain words, so Butterfly on a wheel becomes
****fly on a.. etc. How stupid is that???

Solitaire calls.Won 1229, lost 327 on freecell. Im sure theres a record
in there somewhere. It appears that when im playing with myself im
exceptionally good at…. No no no… not going there!!! lol


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