Another warm un

Most of the day in the garden today. New Tom Sharpe book on the go, and
a vain attempt to brown rather than go red n peel is definately in
Seems Glenda took the ump when i cut her off on Yahoo while trying to
hear about bombs in Wolves on the net radio station. Such is life.

 Trimmed my yaoo list down to 9 and msn down to something almost
slightly resembling who i actually speak to. Most of the old chat ppl,
from either mop or vip dont seem to ever surface but you know if i del
them they’ll speak n i’ll say… "Whos you?" n they’ll know i’d removed
em lol. Think i actually speak to maybe 7 or 8 people on there, and the
others could be removed.

Iain should be in the uk sometime later, and if he catches the train
will no doubt pass through here to get to sunny Crewe. Logic says if i
go n see him i also go n get some stuff from Hamish’s, but having no
car etc will just be what i can carry. In this heat i’d boil lugging
stuff about.

Doc’s said Dad wouldnt make the 19th so quite what it will be like if i
do get up n see Ham n Iain i dunno. No idea if Andrew is expected to be
coming down to see Iain, or if he’s going up there. I assume Su wont be
about. Funny really, last time i saw Iain i walked out of the house cos
of something said about Su. Dont suppose either of em remember. I was
what… 19? 18?

I’d like to see Tony if i go up, cos maybe i could convince him go see
his dad. Going to his mums funeral was one of the wierdest days i’ve
had. Tony n me were more like brothers than anything i had with Andy
Ham n Iain. We grew up, got into mischief, n saw what went on in each
others worlds. As none family members go, i’d know him mum n dad the
longest. I cried with him that day. I can still hear her voice tellin
me n Anthony something, though what she said with that accent usually
escaped me. In recent years me n Tone drifted, and we dont really know
each other well anymore. Tony n Wayne were probably the 2 people i was
close to from 12 up. Well… until we all discovered girls lol Then
everythin went wobbly!! Ummm perhaps not quite the right adjective in
this circumstance. Anyway i wanna see him so the Limelites is on the
agenda too!

Hmmm waffling! lol Laters.


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