Clan Wiseman

A= m m
H= f m m m
S= f f f f m
I = m m
A = m

lol…. hrump….. Thats no fun… I copy past’d this out thinking that
it was gonna be a puzzle and as soon as i see it all on one line tis
obvious! Thanks anyway. Interestingly theres an A missing, and the A=
fmmm i think, although i dont quite know the last m’s status. Didnt
know S had an m. Did know there’d been additions, but not that many

Actually… now i’ve said about the A missing… i’ve a wierd feeling i’ve not included her in the gene tree
. Typical. Mind…. i dont know her mothers name, and would need to add
a partner to Dad to be able to log offspring. I hear Karina had
another? At least i think i did.. lol

Right.. too hot to be in doors. Toodle pip


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