A thriller near the Villa lol

austenparker Many thanks… I too am glad! lol. Whoever you may be i thank you for your sentiment.

Well… for no apparent reason i am shattered again. Been an odd day.
Nothing on the box, nothing to do, generally bored n irritable. More
solitaire, n more being cross at being so close to being independant
again, and yet still unable to do anything about it. lol Shame they
cant throw a few hundred quid at me to tide me over.

I can
feel myself being tense around the house. Different things building up.
Rammy cats, Ju looking over my shoulder at what im typing, kids playing
games using the tv when they’ve tv’s of their own, stupid things which
i’ve lived with for 2 years, which are digging at me for a reaction.
Sat waiting for the message that Dads dead. Sat waiting for the message
i’ve a cheque waiting. Nothing in my life at the moment is in my power
to change. I feel impotent. Not a pleasant feeling. Im stressed i
suppose, and more than a little nervous that if i stuff up my next
move, i’ve not got a lump sum somewhere coming through to bail me out.

Its been a while since i went pop at anything. Really lost my temper. I
could do a good trip to the gym… lol get it out of my system.
Controlled aggression. The poor tree outside must hate me lol

Hmm 1.30am. Bed early again me thinks. Just incase any new ppl are browsing.. my homepage is HERE
and feel free to add to my helpful votes on amazon. I aim to get in the
top 1000 just as soon as i get around to writing a few more reviews.


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