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Well.. it appears i can eat again without attempting to break the world
record for most loo rolls used in a day by a single person! I’d love to
know what cabbaged my system quite so badly as tis rare i suffer like
that. Hopefully my immune system has had a wake up call.

News on the compo is that basically the solicitors agree the amount
offered is reasonable, but are checking out with the doc about
arthritus. I expect i will be getting what was offered, and really,
if they’d have asked me, i would have taken it anyway.

Hot here. 80c yesterday. Was wary of too much sun after having been
ill, plus the zillions of flies drawn in by the malodourous kittens
rears were a definate turn off! Be nice to have a tan rather than
intermittant scorch marks.

More talk of martial arts (not marital aids…my dyslexia aint that bad
n niethers my technique hehe) yesterday, makes me cross i’ve not
trained for far too long. I’m thinking i should make a commitment to
myself to train again for at least a year somewhere. The place at
Dudley looks really good, but i refuse to pay stupidly priced fees. I
guess it depends as well where i end up. Back in Crewe then a return to
Alfs Nimpo dojo would be good. Who knows? I do know i need exercise.
Hopefully i can keep the wieght which vanished over the last few days

The moving strategy seems simple enough. Get a place at about 50 quid a
week, pay 10 weeks in advance, and then sort out bills etc so i have
proof of address. Then i get a bank account and all is hunky dory
lol.Work is easy to come by down here and up in Crewe, but i think rent
is better here. Friendswise, in Crewe i have loads, but none of them
cept Shell has exactly gone outta their way to help me, and down here
the only people i actually know and speak to regularly per month are Ju
n her fam and Paula.  They are only a 30min train ride away
irrespective of which place i stay, so they wont be too far away. With
independence here may look different to how i view it now. I suppose
theres only the one way to find out.

No news on Dad has filtered through. No responses either to the genes
thing posted a few days ago. I have however added Iains kids to the
site. I’d add others myself but i just dont know the ages and dates,
which are required fields. Was suprised Iain only had 2, cos i knew of
them n expected there to be more. I believe Su has 4 now? Andrew i have
no idea about, and Hamish id not like to speculate hehe.

Oh.. one last thing.. for people who pass by and leave comments on my
spelling, obviously if you could read a word, and understand it, and
thus recognise that it was spelt incorrectly, then there was really no
need for it to BE spelt correctly, as you understood it regardless. Its
how people react to language they read/hear which causes so many
problems in this world, rather than the language itself. If you
understand its meaning, and then cognatively choose to be distructive
as to the words construction, then my dyslexia is the least of things
you should be concerned about. I’m certain if i said Cluck Off you’d
not need a degree in English to catch my drift.

And, on that note, im off to throw away all the punctuation rules in
the book. Firstly.. i shall be ridding myself of a full colon! lmfao


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