Still Ill

Starting to become a touch concerned. Eaten nothing but 2 rounds of
toast wiv a splattering of ham at 9ish last night… n still got a bad
stomach today. Thats like 40 hours since last had a proper meal yet im
still quite prolific in my trips to the lav. The jokes about
dehydration may well come back to haunt me. lol. Tis lovely out, but i
guess sitting in the sun wont do me much good. Hope Ju n kids dont get
whatever it is which is hammering my insides out.

Felt woozy a few mins back after the last trip to bathroom. Think a lie
down is in order. If i die, think only this of me…. I’ll be back to
get ya! lol  Hang on…. that was Captain Slack Bladder…. i’m
spotting a theme here….


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