Genes Reunited thing

I started a page ages ago on the site which is linked to the old
friends reunitied site, basically creating a familly tree. As i know
family browse through here i will invite those of you who are members
to go and sling your details in. As i have no way of knowing names of
new sprogs, nor birthdates etc, its easier if you guys do it.

Word on Dad is he was happy n jolly yesterday on a phone so im told. Maybe he’ll hit 76 after all?

News on me… umm there is none. Still awaiting solicitors call so have
no news. Another late night. Amused that Glenda was worried after the
London bombs considering how we laughed when i was in Brisbane n ppl
were asking if i was ok cos there had been fires in Melbourne. Not
quite the 1500miles away that i was then… but in uk terms it is
comparable. Actually i was quite touched. She got a bit miffed when i
said about the media coverage.. how everyone was up in arms about the
37 dead etc…. but there has been no coverage of the 12,000 an hour
kids dieing in africa which we had heard so much about with Live8. It
just kinda shows the hypocrisy we live with every day. People dieing
from polluted water doesnt sell papers.


One thought on “Genes Reunited thing

  1. Unknown

    Selective caring, comes standard with every basic human model. If we cared about everything all the time, we\’d be big slopping messes of snot & tears. (That & our attention is immediately drawn to big bangs – must be some sort of cosmic throwback.)


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