Firefox and here

It appears firefox is kopping a strop with the new updated msn spaces
as the album used to scroll through the pics when a viewer passed by..
but now is refusing to do so! It does on IE… but then everyone knows
IE sucks! lol So… if you want to see the full set.. i guess you’ll
just have to click on the album. Oh.. the hardship!

Bombs in London…. first reports almost immediately said that israeli
intellegence said that the uk police had contacted them due to a
warning of bombs in London… oddly this was then denied about an hour
after this was reported. Curiouser and Curiouser. The figure has gone
from 1 – 8 – 4 bombs so far… so i wonder what the final figure will
be. People on sky keep talking about islamic extreemists. To me, i dont
see the need to use the word "Islamic", irrespective of who it turns
out did this. To do so just creates tension based on religious beliefs
and lets face it… if someone goes around planting bombs i hardly
think their God will be too chuffed with them, so therefore their
chosen belief system is irrelevent! Discrimination can spread so many
ways.. theres no need to give it a helping hand.


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