Msn Playing up

Hmmm this is odd. One minute the My Space things are dead.. the next its all up n running.. then messenger wont work… n now im typing on a black background! Not that i mind the black background… tis quite snazzy!
Anne seemed to like the old pic of Mum n dad n Andy n Iain.. plus the photo of JackinaBox lol. Send a reasonable email to her with one more pic… although i had to fight the pc for it.. cos some driver error keeps causing grief n with xp not being proper i cannay run a decent diagnostic. Spent ages typing an email just to save it as a draft n then the pc switched off.. literally 10 seconds after saving. There’s a god after all!
Glenda shouting at me cos i put her pic in that bebo thingy! Obviously she not noticed her pic on here lmao. She looks good on it so i dunno whats up with her. Wayne n Anthony should start panicing tho… as i have access to a scanner now… hehehehe!

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