Strange Day

Odd day really. Got up early to watch Nz win the rugby, n the wee one
was taken out by his aunt. Didnt know he was supposed to be out or i’d
have stayed in bed. Spent a couple of hours half heartly playing pool..
(its not the same when your already the best… hehe)..and playing
various bits of music, n then sat n watched most of the G8 Live8

Actually i missed out something. Paula brought her flute round
yesterday and i decided i would learn how to play it. Yesterday i
learnt the standard c fingering, today put it into practice. If i could
maintain the way i blow it i should be playing it tomorrow reasonably,
but i dont seem to be able to keep a constant rounded sound. I guess
the technique of blowing the thing is harder than anything else, as im
musically minded and can whip a tune up from my head with ease. Last
time i touched a flute was Iains, about 23 years ago! Not sure but i
think she was suprised that id picked it up so quick. Was supposed to
be learning or re-learning bits of sign from Paula too.
She’s working with Ju tho tomoz so thats out the window. I was more
into the flute to really ask about it today and yesterday, tho i did
look up a couple of pdfs.

Chuffed to catch Deep Purple live in Canada via a webcast. I found the
site almost exactly at the time when they came on stage, which was
wierd considering it was a 9 hour long concert n they played 15 mins!

Dunno if i did the right thing sending an old photo of mum n dad n Iain
n Andy to Anne. Tis about 12 years old, maybe even 13. No reply so who
knows. 28 views on my page today though so people are still passing
through. To anyone who checks…. i’ve added a couple of pics to the
Jack album…. and if you really want to help.. visit my homepage, and
then give me some helpfull vote ratings on amazon lol.

I’ve also eaten my fair share of fruit… which makes for a belly that
provides an accompaniment to the flute.. with a contrasting bassy windy
noise. It seems to switch from minor to major depending on the fruit!


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