Pool Champ

Finally…. top on major geeks again. If people knew how cross id got
with such a stupid game lmao. I do like games i can play on my own lol.
Is that indicative of my nature. Hmmm i can see im leaving myself wide
open there! *sniggers*

Dad i hear is in a hospice, though where i dont know. Iain is comming
over in a couple of weeks… if i see him or not is in the balance
depending on my situation. We speak via msn but tis an almost cautious
way which he types. I dont know if its "just his way" or if its a kind
of "happy to chat at a distance" senario…  or if i’ve gone mad
and am imagining it all lol

Compo news is that they will ring me when they have the info as to if
the top knobs think i have been offered enough. Sounds good to me!
Wonder how quick i can get on the net in a new place n keep this
updated. I believe i can do it via my wap phone too… so should still
be maintainable.

So… until next time… dont forget to make sure the lift doors shut!


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