Up early to sort Paula’s PC, which was nice n easy and stopped me from
looking like a prat by not being able to do it! The problem was like i
expected it to and was done before windows was even opened lol. Lucky
guess or good antisipation? Either way i was chuffed i could do it.

Twas roasting. Paulas mum got me a drink and then Paula got me one too,
both really too early for me to have been drinking, and with the heat
attempting to make me a boil-in-an-arsenal shirt, i took a wander up n
down the canal for a wee bit of quality time. Quite how far from
birmingham i was before turning back i dont know… (althought as i
originated from Wolves… maybe i never left birmingham *sniggers*) but
had a good chance to think about whats next for me. I had a place in
Crewe with water, and a place in Brighton…. although i guess the
channel counts a little more than a pond or canal. Maybe the canal can
help me sort my head out lol. As it happens, i never actually came to
any conclusions, but to be out in the sun and actually just amble
without a destination made me feel kinda free. To be able to relax was
great. I think i will suffer tho… cos my legs want to drop off. Last
time i went on such a walk was ages ago. Reminded me of the beach at
Brighton. Me and water get on. Maybe tis the call of the Loch lol.
Bring on Inverness. I reckon a body of water that deep i can empathise
with… tis infathomable, deep, placid looking, but contains a monster
lol Remember people wanting to comment… your comments can be read by
others too viewing… so dont go overboard pmpl

 So… a shower and a snooze me thinks. Tomorrows another day, I reckon
if i could see the future it’d just tell me sod off n wait! hehe. I
guess i can live with that.


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