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Groovy! Someones set up an Rss Feed for the blog! Heres hoping its the creator of the diarys of Adrian Mole. Or a documentry compiler willing to pay me silly money to have my life story, and the rights to the film. Actually i reckon i could play me in the small screen adaptation. They say the camera adds 10 years so id look about my real age!!

On to some real news… finally, after 2 years and a month, Wetherspoons have made me an offer! Tis a little more than i was expecting… but not astronomically so, have to speak to solicitor about whats next! Certainly tis better than a kick in the dick, if you’ll pardon the expression, but still means nothing if i have no bank account to cash it into, unless they swing it so its cashable at a counter. Then all i need is an address, some bills to make proof of address, and i can have my own account and identity for the first time since about 1998! lmao. Then i can work, legally, and start my plan for world domination!


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