Fathers day. Oh Joy

Well, I guess this is the last time i will have a fathers day with my father still alive. Thinking back over the years i dont believe i’ve actually ever bought him a card. Think i shared a bottle of whisky with him about 14 years ago. Wonder what the rest of the family are feeling. Wonder if they spare a thought for their brothers and sisters or are too busy dealing with their own emotions to offer comfort and perhaps gain solace from sharing their thoughts. Wonder if any of them have spoken to mother about it. There’s all manner of thoughts which pop up. Is dad compus mentus enough to know the date? Thinking futher down the line there are his grandkids, many of whom know him, and are certainly old enough to be upset. Wonder what i’ll think when i look back and read this in years to come. Will i see myself as stuborn, but aware of how others feel, callous and unfeeling for not having visited, or will i just think i tried to do the right thing for me. Im guessing i’ll be open to interpretation. Fortunately i’ll have my memory to aid me.

As a side note… Glenda’s net connection is down, so no happy fathers day from Jack. Not that its fathers day there anyway! lol Bloody ozzys! Even the water goes down the plug hole the wrong way! lol.

So, to end with… some of Dads phraseology : "You know it annoys your mum so why do you do it","Blithering Idiot", "Mind mind mind mind mind mind MIND… how many times do i have to say mind?","Auchermuchty" (can i say that before 9pm?), "Sheesht" and lastly to quote the bard… "O, wad some Power the giftie gie us,to see oursels as others see us!". I’d raise a glass to that sentiment!


One thought on “Fathers day. Oh Joy

  1. Unknown

    Everyone thinks about you but you\’ve seldom thought of anyone other than yourself for whatever reason, so by consequence such thoughts are seldom acknowledged!Of course the grand kids will be sad – but they have only ever known an old man! There has always been more to him than that but they\’ve been protected well!I do believe, (second hand) that he is compus mentus but can\’t be pestered to find out for myself. Visiting is your own choice. You choose currently not to. Do not feel judged. No one cares if you go or not. Be right with you. Be sure that you can hand on heart say, in the future, "I\’d do the same thing over", then you have it right. Who has to live with your choices…… just you!


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